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Sunday, June 2, 2013


  1. In the new media era, true is totally perceptions rather than facts and data.
  2. True was the way we make people believe about something. An idea, our mission, our vision or just a statement to create damage to our competitor.
  3. In this era, false can be very true, while true can be very false. It totally depend on the way we convince our target group.
  4. True required powerful understanding of the audience. Now, most of the people became confused about facts and perceptions. 
  5. Politicians should know, true was only true, if people believe it. Economics development, nation building, and all the facts is not true if people deny it.
  6. Vision, mission, aspiration, and all the wonderful promises was true although they did not have the complete idea to achieve that. 
  7. So, true actually not from the actor, but from the other side who read our footprint digital. 
  8. If they don't understand and refuse to understand, our footprint will never become a true statement in digital world.
  9. True in footprint digital can be manipulated by the competitors. They always upload something as shadow digital to spin it. The shadow digital normally is totally perception. If we fail, there are not true in our footprint digital.
  10. True in digital world focus on perception and manipulate people's believe system. That why, most of the politicians used the specific tool. The tool is religious and racism. ADIOSSS
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