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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


  1. In this world anything was complicated. Economics and social is easy to understand rather than politics. 
  2. Politics was the most complicated discipline to explain. It only depend on the perception of majority people. 
  3. Perception was a simple theory. War, believe, and religion come from this perception system. And yet, perception became the most powerful weapon to win any war.  
  4. To win cyber warfare, we must change the perception landscape. We must create something that majority can believe it. 
  5. In this era, we have three types of people. Baby boomer, Gen X, and Gen Y. Every group need their own preference of perception especially in the Internet. 
  6. Baby boomer prefer blog and online news. Gen X are opportunists. They need material to believe anything. While Gen Y only spend 3 seconds to read and then believe it.
  7. The more you use the online sources, the more you will adapt the Gen Y habit. In certain time, in term of online habit, people will turn to be Gen Y although they are Baby Boomers or Gen X.
  8. So, anybody who can make everything simple, will get million of followers. People need only a three second sources. Read only the title of the news and than believe it.
  9. Sentences become the most boring information. People need data, pictures, graphics, and   short videos.
  10. So to win the war, we must win the perception battle among the people. Make it simple. As simple as you can.
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